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Heirarchy = Themed -> Hospital -> Examination Room

Model SnapshotModel NamePackage
CabinetThemed - Hospital
Cabinet_AutPlay VSA
Doctor Chair_AutPlay VSA
Doctor ChairThemed - Hospital
Exam Cart_AutPlay VSA
Exam CartThemed - Hospital
Exam Light_AutPlay VSA
Exam LightThemed - Hospital
Exam Table_AutPlay VSA
Exam TableThemed - Hospital
Eye Exam Chart_AutPlay VSA
Eye Exam ChartThemed - Hospital
Instrument Table_AutPlay VSA
Instrument TableThemed - Hospital
ScaleThemed - Hospital
Scale_AutPlay VSA
StoolThemed - Hospital
Stool_AutPlay VSA
Vitals MonitorThemed - Hospital
Vitals Monitor_AutPlay VSA
X-RaysThemed - Hospital
X-Rays_AutPlay VSA
Virtual Sandtray

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