Any office that utilizes the traditional Sandtray setup could use the Virtual Sandtray App. An office that doesn’t need flexibility and mobility could use this for clients who are unable or unwilling to use the traditional tray. For those who need flexibility and mobility the Virtual Sandtray App is a perfect option!

Training Site

Frequently space and finances make it very difficult for training sites to stock sandtray materials in each and every play therapy room. A trainee can easily hold sessions in various rooms throughout a single day. The Virtual Sandtray App allows the site to have sandtray tools available for the trainees that can move from room to room with ease. The manual and optional autosave features make supervision more rich and valuable because all this information can be shared with supervisors.


ChildLife Specialists are critical interventionists in hospitals. Often a child is unable to visit the play room in the hospital due to a myriad of factors. In these cases the ChildLife Specialist can bring a tablet to the child and allow the child to create sandtrays without concern for mobility, germs, exposure, etc.

Crisis Intervention

When a disaster strikes in the world Play Therapists have sprung into action! Often materials and supplies are in short supply. The Virtual Sandtray application can serve a critical role in allowing the Play Therapists to use sandtray therapy with traumatized clients during the crisis. Travelling with Virtual Sandtray is logistically easier than transporting a sandtray in your luggage. After installation, Virtual Sandtray also does not require an internet connection when not using remote features.

Virtual Sandtray

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