Working With Differences

At times some differently abled clients come to our offices. Some of these clients are able to approach the traditional sandtray and manage the miniatures. Some of these clients are not.

Just a few of the situations Virtual Sandtray has been used in are as follows:

  • Difficulty getting close enough to the Sandtray, such as clients who use a wheelchair
  • Those in an environment that has to be sterile, such as a hospital. If the patient can use a tablet or phone, they can use Virtual Sandtray.
  • Unwillingness/inability to touch the sand, such as neurodiverse clients or those having Sensory Processing Disorder.
  • An inability to manage the miniatures, such as various musculature difficulties
  • We have partnered with AutPlay to better serve the needs of the autistic community
Virtual Sandtray

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