Hardware Requirements

Standard Hardware

From the outset, Virtual Sandtray was written to take advantage of standard hardware available to anyone. Cost and portability considerations ruled out the use of esoteric hardware. It is our intention that you use hardware you likely already own or can purchase economically.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirement for Apple iPads is Air level or higher. Click on the Apple store link at the upper left to get a definitive list of hardware supported.

The cheapest tablet you can usually purchase is the current basic iPad model.  You can search on google.com for “ipad best price” and follow links from there.  If you want to procure an iPad local to you, don’t be afraid to ask the local electronics superstore for a price match of say Amazon.com prices.  Buying older models doesn’t yield as much of a discount as you would expect, but you can sometimes find refurbished deals on them at Apple’s Shop, but do be prepared to move quick on a deal as stock varies and research what you are looking at prior to buying.

Suggested tablet

We have found that the 12.9″ iPad Pro works best for therapy. The form factor is larger, so the user has a better experience. The iPad Pros also come with higher end processor compared to the standard iPad models.

Future tablets

The tablet market is constantly evolving, so the team is intending on maintaining a reasonable level of hardware that is readily available to people at reasonable prices.

Virtual Reality

Go to the virtual reality page to see the current status of the product.

Virtual Sandtray

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